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We are a small consulting firm operating in Dublin.
We bring to bear a wealth of analytical experience and can offer that to you at very reasonable hourly rates.

Some of the analysis we can do is

  • Web Data analysis
  • Sales and marketing analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • “But for” analysis
  • Pricing Analysis

All these can be done competitively and very affordably.




We strive to keep any data you share with us 100% confidential and are happy to sign any confidentiality agreements you may require.


Web Analytics

  • Analysis of the sales data stored in online data bases. These include transaction data which can be used to build a profile of your customer base.
  • Using rfm (see slide) to develop a segmentation of the customer base.
  • Click Analytics - Looking at click through rates and page landing rates. This can be used to determine product placement on the website, optimising positioning of products.


Transactional Analysis

Customer Profiles

  • Transaction analysis is possible if the customer is required to complete a profile before purchasing.
  • Once the profile is in place the following reports are possible.
  • Though often the customer is allowed to make purchases without filling out a detailed profile.

Demographics Reports

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Location (urban, suburban, rural)
  • Life stage (single, married, divorced, empty-nester, retired, etc.)


Customer Segmentation - RFM

Using RFM

  • Create a profile of the customer base using the rfm acronym.
  • A matrix of customers can be created. The best cells in the matrix include those customers with the highest spend, who purchases most recently and who bought more than one item on the occasion of their purchase.

RFM Defined

  • Recency of purchase
    • How recently did the customer buy from you?

  • Frequency of purchasing
    • How often do they buy?

  • Monetary value of the purchasing
    • What is the monetary value of their purchasing?


Credit analysis

Multinational Bank

  • Reported on credit, monthly, weekly & ad hoc using online rating tools. Issued forex reports to advising BUs.
  • Created online database for credit reports.
  • Wrote SQL/VB for forms, to display data.
  • Migrated data from Excel and online tools. Database used by the credit team also to generate monthly management pack.


  • Won award from the company for this. Roll out of Provenir tool.
  • Co-authored workflows, SOW and other docs including milestones, reqs and Visio charts of data flows.
  • Monetary value of the purchasing
  • Chaired meetings/managed user acceptance testing. Setup/managed credit SharePoint. Posted reports, docs and credit info.


Marketing analysis

Direct Mail Company

  • Reported/forecast revenue and units.
  • Developed quarterly & annual business plans.
  • Compared actual versus budget.
  • Made recommendations to senior management and the CEO of company


  • Forecast headcount in call centre. & inventory, reducing resource costs and stock levels in Q4.
  • Improved sales reporting using dbase & Visual Basic.
  • Special projects including reworking circulation strategy using rfm & analyses of campaigns to P&L & ROI detail.

Financial Analysis

Large commercial bank

  • Managed online AIU database.
  • Uploaded daily update files, answered queries.
  • Issued additions report daily & monthly trackers for EMEA Setup and conducted conference calls to discuss compliance.
  • Managed delinquent items report for EMEA.
  • Advanced query writing using SQL. Built reports on request using access.
  • Wrote tech specs for SQL databases on all objects, forms, queries etc., relevant functions and purpose.

Rail company

  • Reported on costs - training, fuel, plant hire, mobile phone & headcount.
  • Developed service entries database. Generated non-compliance & variance reports.
  • Managed online time billing system, updated, maintained, added new users.
  • Generated hours on hours bill to projects and cost to company. Issued maintenance template by period. Journals for training, HQ accrual, fuel costs.
  • Updated expense database adding extra functions, updating T&E rates for current and past.
  • Updated expense database adding extra functions, updating T&E rates for current and past.

Pricing analysis


  • We have the experience of working for large computer manufacturer in the direct marketing space.
  • Managing the monthly pricing proposal to maintain price position relative to competitors and taking tactical action to maintain that position.
  • Created call models to model inbound calls on the switch.


  • These results were presented results to SMT.
  • Completed all quarterly plans and gave monthly update.
  • Tracked and forecast desktop margin and units.
  • Special projects included price elasticity of demand for desktop units and a Marcom calls database in SQL

Consulting Experience

Class action lawsuit

  • Analysed the stock price of a manufacturer of golf clubs over time to explain fluctuations in share price and to defend management against allegations of misconduct.
  • Management were target of class action lawsuit. They were alleged to have been responsible for sudden falls in the company stock price.
  • Analysis disproved management complicity.

"But for" analysis

  • “But-for” analysis of failed bank
  • Analysis to test legal allegations about management decisions impacting the net worth of the company.
  • Built model built in Excel & modelled various scenarios all of which disproved management complicity.
  • Lawsuit was eventually dropped.

Some of the tools

Some of the tools

  • Some of the software tools we use to analyse data are listed on the right pane.
  • For most purposes Excel or Access would be sufficient. However database packages capable of crunching bigger data sets are of course available too.

Software Tools

  • Excel
  • Access
  • PowerPoint to present
  • Crystal reports
  • Fox Pro

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