Legal Documents

Use Microsoft Word to create powerful legal documents on your own computer. Use the header to draw dividing lines. Use column breaks to divide pages. Section breaks to create legal docs.

Accountancy Reports and Processes

Using the power of Excel, Access and database packages create compelling accountancy reports, trial balances, P+Ls. Use macros to build reports, set up at the touch of a button.

Online Teaching & Training

Browse my online teaching and training web page. All classes are delivered online. All you need is a computer with an internet connection!

Web Design

Do you need to develop a website or need some help with one you have already?

Contact Management

Build up contact databases in MS Access and SQL Server. Link these to MS Office at front end to generate reports and contact mail shots and emails.

Report Automation

Customise and automate reports using macros and formula driven spreadsheets. Take the pain out of updating and maintaining such reports cutting down on man hours and costs whilst improving accuracy.

Among other things I act as a data, business analysis, teaching and training resource.

I am good at delivering solutions by resolving business issues in a timely and cost effective manner. I also offer teaching & training services.

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I specialise in helping with computer problems.

Good data and good training is essential for any business these days. Getting that information in a reliable fashion is very important.

Many businesses have a lot of data containing insights on customer preferences that can be mined and utilised.

MS office offers the reporting and analysis tools.

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Twenty years experience in analysis, reporting, consulting, training and teaching.
Team Menber

Hugh McGovern

BA Econ, MA Econ, Hdip Computer Science

With over twenty years experience working in a wide variety of multinationals and local companies as an analyst, consultant and trainer. I have a strong appreciation of business needs and requirements. Working as a contractor and an employee I noticed the same issues arose again and again in the work place.

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My impression was often that software was under utilised and huge opportunities for time saving, improved accuracy and efficiency were often missed.

In many cases companies had purchased the necessary software but staff did not have the right training or knowledge to use it.

Some History


A graduate with honours from Trinity College, Dublin with a post-graduate in UCD I specialised early on in economics and economic analysis.

After a sojourn in the States where I worked in consulting I returned to Ireland and undertook a Computer Studies course to update and consolidate my computer experience.

Past Roles

Prior Work

As a contractor I worked in a wide variety of companies both at home and abroad.

Some of those include Citibank, Elavon, Irish Rail, Northern Trust, Ulster Bank, Microsoft, Wells, Dell, Vodafone, Hammacher and Cornerstone Research.

Issues often arose through lack of training and poor use of existing software resources.

Online Courses

Click below to see the range of courses we offer online. Remember content and duration can be adjusted to suit.

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Welcome to our online training and teaching web page. We provide online training and teaching direct to you in your home.

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Please call for prices. All courses and help can be tailored.

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Click the click to watch some tutorials from our online classes. Note all our classes can be customised to suit you.

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Sample Tutorials (Click to play video)

Excel Speedometer

Create a speedometer in Excel to jazz up your dashboards or reports using a simple method - using a doughnut and pie chart.

Visual Basic

Use Visual Basic to create a simple macro which allows the user to transfer data from one workbook to another in seconds.

Java Introduction

See how to write a simple program in Java to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius using the NetBeans IDE.


Offer strictly online courses at very affordable prices. Study Excel & Access (all levels) & VBA, Java and C++ from the comfort of your own home for a modest fee. Courses are tailored to your own timetable and budget. So you only learn when you want too.

Everything is done online. I supply the course materials and the content and all you need is a computer with internet access to participate.

Using Google online meeting we create a virtual classroom between us. We can share screens, documents, review and discuss content as you would in a normal classroom.

All you need is an internet connection and a computer to join.

MS App Courses (email to request detailed outline)

Microsoft Apps Training

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World Class Training At Affordable Prices

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Customised Courses


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Excel Introduction

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Excel Intermediate

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Excel Advanced

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Excel Pivot Tables

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Excel Dashboards

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Excel Macros

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Excel VBA

Computer Courses (email for outline)

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